Teaching two bass students in Honduras

Welcome to the Learning page of my site! I’ve taught workshops and master classes for audiences of all ages from non-English speaking elementary school children and general music-loving audiences to master’s degree college students and professionals.

Music is a community-building experience as well as an individual experience. Ultimately music builds communication skills as well as intellectual development and emotional connection. Music is a universally celebrated pursuit whether it’s for a personal challenge or to celebrate an event in the community.

Certain principles need to be followed to develop in music whether it’s for someone learning how to play the guitar for the first time, a musician practicing for an audition or recording (classical, jazz or other style), or a band getting ready for a big show. Focusing on these principles is what I teach in workshops, master classes and private lessons. The techniques used to pursue these principles are dependent on the student or audience. For more information contact me or browse the information here on the website.

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