Intentional Collaboration


Intentional Collaboration is a 5-step process designed to maximize team synergy by drawing the best out of the team leader and team members. Intentional Collaboration prepares all team members to collaborate by educating them about different styles of perception, analyzing, thinking processes, personality types and cultural considerations. Individuals identify their own styles and background, how to understand and communicate with others who have different modes of thinking to bring optimum communication, minimize and almost eliminate group conflict, and bring superior results to the outcome of their teamwork.

In today’s world all businesses have the opportunity to have global reach which also means they have global and international competition. To succeed in today’s marketplace it becomes imperative to include team members of various backgrounds to create superior products and services. Intentional Collaboration gives you the edge to deliver greatness in your company as well as create a group atmosphere where team members will want to contribute. Employee retention stays high and group dynamic becomes positive and electric as team members, feeling listened to and understood, want to devote their best.

Intentional Collaboration training is available for corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, as well as teams of scientists, engineers, or artists.

Programs are currently in development for STEM projects for inner city youth. Students learn how to build solar-powered race cars or LEGO robotics projects while learning team dynamics.

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