The Call of Nov 9th

There’s one thing that we can all agree on – this US 2016 Election cycle is a particularly crazy one. Whether someone is passionate or dispassionate about following the news, debates, private or group conversations, even the SNL parodies, whether you like the candidates or not the US is clearly divided in terms of future direction. After the dust settles regardless of concept or personal preference  we will all still be living in the same world together. When the post-election brouhaha dies down both those who agree with you and those who don’t will still have to work and live together to create a better life for themselves, families and friends.

It’s unfortunate that the dialogue has become personal between the presidential candidates instead of the ideas they represent. When it’s all over the ideas will be what prevails over the personal disputes. Underneath the unfortunate rhetoric there are legitimate concerns of major issues on both sides of the aisle. Are you prepared to listen to those on the other side?

What becomes clear is we are living in a world of increased communication and interaction where everyone’s needs are becoming more visible and equal. To deny that this fundamental shift is taking place only leads to frustration and isolation. The lines between one “group” and another “group” – us vs. them – begin to disappear and become fluid. Labels are disappearing and all that is left is one’s intention. What’s your intention?

As communication between different cultural and racial groups, age groups, men and women, socioeconomic classes, even concepts of independence vs. interdependence come into increased daily interaction, not just within the US but worldwide, the only thing that’s left is your intention. The labels are gone, or rapidly disappearing. Can you redefine yourself by your intention and not by your “group”? This is our collective challenge.

It becomes clear those who succeed in the future are those who see and offer solutions to the needs of others. The size of your circle will determine the size of your success. Do you want to succeed big or just within your current “group”? Are you going to wait for someone else to offer and execute better ideas or are you willing to expand now? Can you survive long-term if you do not? Can you risk getting out of your comfort zone and looking at something from someone else’s point of view?

The world is a wonderful place where often the truth is more fascinating than fiction. One aspect of Intentional Collaboration is to look at a problem or situation from someone else’s point of view. Use their background, knowledge, and cultural or demographic preferences to see what they see. Feel what they feel. Experience what they experience. You expand your awareness and become a richer overall human being by being able to walk in someone else’s shoes. Your level of gratitude increases.

Find a people, point of view, or perspective that you don’t understand. The more it’s one that you don’t like, the more possible growth you can experience later. Take a moment and consider the history and present reality of that perspective. Ask, communicate and interact with those who think that way. Be non-judgmental and assume that you do not know the answer.

After doing some hands-on personal and experiential research you will see things from another point of view. You may not have to agree with it but now you understand why there’s a perceived validity to that perspective. The idea is no longer foreign. It’s now a part of your awareness. It expands your experience as a human being. You now have a greater understanding of your environment. You can react in a more informed way to changes or challenges and you are more of a resource to those around you for your family, friends, and in your career.

This is the way of the future. The labels are disappearing, the social distance between one people and another are becoming smaller, global interaction is increasing and all that’s left is your intention. What’s your intention?

Please share your experience here for all the readers of this community to enjoy!

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Welcome To Intentional Collaboration

The Band Is Ready to Play

The concert is about to start. The bandleader counts off the first song of the night …

  1. The audience waits in anticipation as the stage lights go up and the house lights go down.
  2. We know the music, we’ve done enough rehearsing to play it tight, we have the set list and music in order, we’ve done a proper soundcheck so all the instruments are at the right volume and balance …
  3. But we still don’t know what’s going to happen next, nor does the audience, what excursions we are going to take before we make it to the other side, it’s never the same from one night to the next …
  4. We’re ready, less than a second to go … Boom, the music starts.


The Journey Begins

We know the music but we’re open that anything could happen. We play while we listen – more heavily listening to each other so our individual playing is all a part of a whole.

Upon inspiration any band member can do something different at any moment and we’ll all, as a group, make music out of it. We play while listening hard – like riding a wave. Fully focused and concentrated but completely open. It’s a four-piece band tonight. One person leads and the other three instantly respond.

Everyone in the band was born in a different part of the country, grew up in different ways and circumstances, and no one is the same age but we’re all equals in bringing our best to the table to shape what’s happening right now.


Leadership Becomes Fluid

Anyone can jump in with a leading idea if it’s good enough (maybe even great), relevant, and gives space for the other band members to give an interesting response that adds to the value of the music.

Sometimes an idea doesn’t work. No problem, move on. The game hasn’t stopped. As long as it’s game on every moment counts.

When leadership is required, the leader steps in, steering control of the moment to stay on course.


There’s one goal – success through collaboration…Welcome to jazz!

Why has jazz become such an interesting and intriguing art form? Because it reflects life. It reflects the apex of a mindset of intentional collaboration.

It must be the intention of the leader to want others to contribute to their vision.

A Forbes Insights report surveyed 321 executives with direct responsibility or oversight for their companies’ diversity and inclusion programs. The top key finding of the survey is that diversity is a key driver of innovation and is a critical component of being successful on a global scale.

“Diverse teams and companies make better decisions.” – Eileen Taylor, global head of diversity, Deutsche Bank.

The top, most innovative companies like Google, Apple, and Alibaba swear by including the diverse ideas of their employees to help drive the company. But here’s the key that makes it all work….listening.

So how do you listen? How do you collaborate? That will be the subject of this blog.



Communication is an opportunity to expand what we know, not just confirm our own running thoughts. Take the opportunity to make yourself more valuable by expanding your awareness. In your next communication, don’t assume that you know the answer. Assume that you don’t know the answer.

Next time you are speaking to someone, listen to them.

Have you had a positive listening experience that helped you collaborate with someone? Please share your experience here for myself and the readers to enjoy!


Did you like this post and find it valuable? Take a moment and subscribe to the blog! As a THANK YOU I’ll send you an unreleased track from my latest CD showing intentional collaboration in action!